carnivals?! ?

  1. im doing a dance about carnivals for my dance exam but i dont no any carnival songs

    do you no any typical carnival songs??

    how would you explain a carnival? …i dont really understand what it is

    were do they originate from?

    thanx :)

    Answer by Margherita a

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    Carnival is a time to party. It occurs immediately before Lent and is mostly associated with Roman Catholic and, to a lesser extent, Eastern Orthodox Christians; Protestant areas usually do not have carnival celebrations.

    The tradition is extremely old, probably pre-Christian. The ancient Roman festivals of the Saturnalia and Bacchanalia might be the origin of the Italian Carnival. The Saturnalia, in turn, may be based on the Greek Dionysia and Oriental festivals.

    As I said, Carnival is a time to party wildly before Lent, when traditionally no parties may be held and many foods, such as meat, are forbidden, as the forty days of Lent serve to commemorate the Passion of Jesus.

    Even the name reflects this: the etymology comes from the Italian “carne levare” or similar, meaning “to remove meat”, or from the Late Latin expression “carne vale”, which means “farewell to meat”, signifying that those were the last days when one could eat meat before the fasting of Lent.
    Another translation reads carne vale as “a farewell to the flesh”, a phrase embraced by certain carnival celebrations that encourage letting go of your former (or everyday) self and embracing the carefree nature of the festival.

    In Christianity, the most famous traditions, including parades and masquerading, are first attested from medieval Italy.
    The carnival of Venice was for a long time the most famous carnival in the world.
    From Italy, carnival traditions spread to Spain, Portugal, and France. From France, they spread to the Rhineland of Germany, and to New Orleans.
    From Spain and Portugal, they spread to Latin America.
    Many other areas have developed their own traditions.

    For lots of ideas on masquerades and dances, see:

    I hope this help.

  2. i need to know what the caribbean carnival is…i need a brief description!!! plz help!!!

    Answer by Mr J- joe-grine
    Coming together of people,ideas creativity in costume design and a celebration of a culture and ones history,from the region.
    So even though its looking more like a bunch of people wearing little clothing,its original meaning was to be the culture and a good end to a productive, harvest period,eg; ( crop over Barbados ), thought out the region.
    And to just have a good time,but with to days commercializing of every thing,i guess sex has taking hold,of one imagination when,you see beau ti ful women whining about.

  3. Im very interested in what carnivals there are all about. I know It would be better for me to just experience it for myself (Which Id LOVE to) but I cant afford it. I just want to know things like:
    -Is it a celebration for a specific event or just a yearly carnival for fun?
    – How long does it last?
    – Do the costumes represent anything?
    -From videos Ive seen it seems to be mainly a parade…is there anything else that goes on? If so like what?

    I hope someone can answer :]

    Answer by VMC
    carnival in trinidad is around february every year. so yeh its a yearly carnival for fun
    it lasts 2 days: carnival monday is kiddies carnival and there is jouvert where people come out early in the morning with mud alll over them,there is panarama also(steel pan) carnival tuesday: everyone is involved and where there are all the costumes and bands coming out. but there are alot of carnival fetes leading up to these two days and it involves the trinidadian artistes like macheal montano,kes and there is chutney also. there are soca and chutney competitions where the artistes compete against each other to get the top prize. yes the costumes represent something but it differs each year and plus there are alot of bands participating. n yes it seems like a parade if u are watching the carnival but if u participate in the jump up its alot of fun.