What is copyright?

  1. What is copyright? What does copyright mean? – What is fair use for multimedia? What guidelines should students follow when conducting Internet research?

    Answer by Paul S
    no plagiarism at all if you use anything reference it properly to say who it was from

    you cant copy DVDs legally either because it is considered as unethical to do so

  2. what are some benefits of copyright?

    Answer by Pfo
    Authors of intellectual property have a legal avenue to secure a profit for their work. It makes intellectual property a more tangible thing.

  3. Dana Carvey as Church Lady, copyrighted or open to use?
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    Answer by Techwing
    Copyrights apply to tangible embodiments of creative work, such as pictures, videos, sound recordings, text, etc. The mere idea or concept of something cannot be copyrighted. So you cannot reuse pictures or videos of Church Lady, but you can use the concept or idea of the character without infringing on copyrights.

    However, sometimes entities (usually corporations) will claim trademark status for certain things, such as a character, a specific word or words, a logo, etc. A trademark is something that consumers routinely associate with a specific product or service. When a trademark is valid, other parties that dont own the trademark cannot use it in a way that might cause confusion in the minds of consumers.

    As long as a person doesnt actually use copies of a copyrighted representation of Church Lady (copies of photos, videos, voice recordings, etc.), there isnt likely to be any copyright infringement. There may or may not be a trademark issue, if there is something sufficiently distinctive about the Church Lady that can be trademarked, and if the putative trademark holder can demonstrate that the trademark is actually valid.